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Recommended Wellness Products

Over the course of my practice, people come to me for a variety of issues including anxiety, edema, chronic muscle pain etc. The links below are affiliate links, but I've long been recommending these products because they are effective in relieving the issue at hand. 

Self Massage Tools Topical Analgesics Natural Anxiety/Insomnia Remedies Edema/Sluggish Lymph Flow Therapeutic Gel Packs Post Op Products

Self Massage Tools

When you can't get in to see me and you need back pain relief NOW, you can use one of these tools to help.


The top row are trigger point therapy canes. Each one has a different design, pick the one you like best, They come in handy for relieving trouble low back pain, stiff neck, upper back pain.

The foam roller is great for the lower torso, tight IT bands, rolling out the calves, and even upper back areas. Be sure to watch the video that comes with the foam roller.

The massage balls are a great addition or alternative to a trigger point cane. You can use a ball to work the deeper tissue in the glute to help relieve sciatic pain. You can also place the ball between you and a wall to target a specific area on the back, but also to work the pecs and help with frozen shoulder. (Back to top)

Topical Analgesics


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Natural Anxiety and Insomnia Remedies

Anxiety, insomnia, monkey brain can be calmed through a couple of different remedies. One remedy is an amino acid, L-Theanine, which is derived from green tea. L-Theanine is effective in calming nerves, reducing anxiety and helping one get to sleep without side effects associated with pharmaceutical sleep aids.

Binural beats, or 528 hz music calm the mind and reduce anxiety through sound or music therapy. The science is that the brain will entrain to the the music, calming the brain waves and inducing a reduction in anxiety.


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Edema and Sluggish Lymph Flow

Bilateral leg edema is a frequent symptom in older people and is often caused by chronic venous insufficiency. Lymphatic massage is an excellent modality to get lymph moving and reducing the swelling in the legs. But doing a bit of home-work can help manage leg edema. One product that I recommend for home use is a whole body vibration machine. You don't have to stand on it to get the results you're looking for, you may sit in a chair with your feet on the machine.

Check with your doctor before ordering to see if a whole body vibration machine is right for you.


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Therapeutic Hot/Cold Packs

Great for chronic or acute pain issues. These gel packs are re-useable and can be used hot or cold depending on your situation. Typically cold is used for acute situations (e.g.:strained ankle), heat is used to loosen chronic pain issues (e.g.: osteoarthritis). Whether using cold or heat, no more than 20 minutes at a time, and place a towel between your pack and your skin.


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Post Op / Post Surgical Products


Through my Lymphatic massage practice, I have had the opportunity to work on many post op clients, many of whom have gone through some sort of cosmetic surgery. My clients have found the products shown above to be very beneficial.

Silicone tape works very well to reduce the appearance of incision site scars. It works by preventing collagen from forming which can also help prevent keloid type of scarring.

Topical arnica works to reduce pain and helps eliminate bruising. Arnica tablets work much the same way but internally. Many of my clients use both forms of arnica.  (Back to top)


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