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Distance Reiki

These are uncertain times with Covid-19, social distancing. anxiety,  stress, and panic.  Know that even from the comfort of your own home, you can receive the benefits of  Reiki with Distance Reiki. Distance Reiki is Reiki Healing done remotely and for shorter periods of time.

With Distance Reiki I can give a Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space. Reiki has the ability to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical touch.

Benefits can include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • An increased sense of well being
  • Pain relief

How to prepare for Distance Reiki

  • If you are a new client and I've not physically seen you before, please text me a quick pic of yourself. 562-786-5174
  • Be warm, comfortable, and in a space without distractions for the duration of the session.
  • Be open to receiving.
  • If you desire, play soft, instrumental music that may be suitable for meditation.
  • Distance Reiki must be paid at the time of booking.



What happens during a Distance Reiki session?

  • A few minutes before the appointment time, I will call to let you know we are about to begin. Be sure you're in place. Get comfortable and close your eyes.
  • Typically, people will fall asleep during the session. If you've not experienced Reiki before, it is suggested that you choose a 30 min session to give yourself more time to settle and let go. Alternatively, you can take a warm bath or shower to help you relax before the session begins.
  • You may feel sensations such as floating or going into a state of deep meditation. 
  • Everyone has their own experience with Reiki, but the end result is often the same, the feeling of being deeply relaxed, grounded and renewed.
  • I will send a text to confirm the end of the session.

 Session Durations and price

15 min $20   30 min $40

Feel free to call with your questions 562-786-5174, or book now by clicking the link below:


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