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On-Site Seated Massage

For Your Office or Event

  • Reward hard working employees 
  •  Reduce on the job stress
  •  Drive traffic to your trade show booth 
  •  Attract customers to your sales event
  •  Charity events,  wellness programs
On-Site chair massage

  What is on-site seated massage?

It's simple! I travel to your location and provide massage in a chair specifically designed for seated massage. Clients remain fully clothed, no oils or lotions are used. The massage is focused on the high tension areas of the neck, back and shoulders and last typically 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes depending on the arrangement. The client leaves  feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Call me for more details - 562-786-5174

  • I provide all massage equipment.
  • You provide a minimum 5 sq ft space to work.
  • No travel fee for Long Beach, Signal Hill or Lakewood destinations.
  • Reasonable rates: 
    • Work place company sponsored - $70 per hour
    • Work place employee paid - $20 per 15 minute massage
    • Special events - $75 per hour plus parking if applicable
    • Two hour minimum - Six hour maximum
    • Three to four 15 min massages can be performed per hour.
    • Work place massage should have minimum nine sign ups with a waiting list for best results.
    • Additional massage therapist(s) may be booked at the same fee schedule if number of recipients exceeds the capacities of a single MT. Please call for details.
    • 48 hour cancelation policy applies.

 The fine print:

Advanced booking required. For work place seated massage, payment is required at time of service.

For special event services you may be billed, net 15 days if the total fee exceeds $250. Otherwise, payment is due on the scheduled day of service before work commences.

Some events may require a 25% deposit to reserve the date. The deposit is refundable up until 2 days prior to the event. If cancellation occurs less than 48 hours, deposit is forfeit. Under certain circumstances a travel fee may apply based on round trip commute time. If it does, you will be notified of this at initial contact. 

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