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Chinese Cupping Therapy


Chinese Cupping Therapy is a safe treatment that employs the use of cups in which a vacuum is created. When these cups are placed in the body, the vacuum pulls tissue up and into the cup. This process pulls toxins from deep in the tissue to the surface of the skin. The body, through the lymph system, then removes the toxins and stagnation.

Cupping has been described as a deep tissue massage in reverse without the pain. It helps detoxify, relieve pain, reduce stress, and can extend the benefits of your massage.

Add on Chinese Cupping Therapy to a 45, 60, or 90 min massage for just $15.

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Cups are placed on acupuncture points along the back then are left in place for a few minutes. The cups are removed and followed by a lymphatic massage. Lymphatic massage will aid the body in the removal of toxins that the cupping drew out of the tissue and will help to fade any cupping marks that might occur as a result of the cupping.

Over-all, my clients find the cupping experience very relaxing. As noted above, there is a chance that a cupping mark, akin to a hickey, may be created from the suction. They are not painful and will disappear within a few days.




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